The entertainment industry is probably the most known among all the others. There are many facets to the entertainment industry. It involves different types of media such as print, radio, television, and now online entertainment can now be considered to be a separate facet. In print alone, there are already different means of providing entertainment such as magazine, newspaper, books, and other types of book forms. In television, there's the movies, TV series, and made for TV movies.

Generally there are different forms of entertainment, depending on who it is catered for. Usually kids' entertainment involve a lot of animation, comedies in cinema and theater, and a lot of music as well. These may appear in different means like print or TV, depending on its effectiveness to the target audience. Adults may also welcome these, depending on the humor and the story, but generally these are more appealing to children.

Other forms of entertainment aside from what we see, hear or read in different forms of media include sports, magic, Broadway theater, games like gambling and racing, and concerts. While these are not as mainstream or as major as the ones that appear in media, these are still very important forms of entertainment.

The entertainment industry is one of the biggest industries today because there are a lot of options that one can involve himself in. It is a very big industry, where one can opt to focus and specialize in one form or explore several related forms to his convenience and interest.