The film industry has changed dramatically today from a decade ago. The advancement of technology is a big contributor to the fast-changing trends and techniques in filmmaking these days, but the stages are pretty much still the same. From development to distribution, there are a lot of things that need to be factored in when making a film.

Individuals who are interested to go into film also has several options on how they can provide their skills and knowledge. There are a lot of departments one can considering joining in the film industry. There is the production staff, the film crew, and of course the cast. Naturally, the size of the production staff, the film crew and the cast depend on the budget of the film and the company, but almost always comprises of the same essential individuals. While the cast are mainly the actors in a film, the crew are the back-end of the project and are in-charge of the costumes and props, the sound and lighting, and special effects.

The production staff can be considered as the brain of the whole project, because it consists of the producers, directors, writers, editors, and everyone involved in the post-production phases.

However, the film industry are not only limited to those who are directly working on the production of a film. There are also institutions that may not be directly working on film but are essential in other aspects. Film festivals, film studios, film awards, and film distribution companies are just some of the institutions that are essential in the film industry, and where individuals could choose their career path if they want to be part of this industry.