Government & Military

Government is an entity which oversees and controls the actions of the subjects under its power. However, when it refers to the industry, it is less political and focuses more on public service. There are a number of government institutions and establishments that are aimed to satisfy the fundamental goal of the government, which is to maintain public order and security.

Government jobs or public sector jobs are usually decided upon by the government itself. The job positions in this industry are also geared into providing services for the public, whether locally, regionally, or nationally.

There are various fields in government jobs, depending on how direct it reports to the administration. Institutions which are directly funded through government tax has little commercial freedom and operates through the directive of the government itself. There are also publicly owned corporations which have more commercial freedom in its operation. However, these corporations are still expected to achieve goals which are set by the government.

The military encompasses not only the soldiers, but other people who help with the operations as well, like scientists, weapons experts, and others. The Armed Forces of the Philippines consists of three branches namely, the Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, and the Philippine Air Force, all of which are volunteer forces and has the President of the Philippines acting as its Commander-in-chief. Joining the AFP doesn't only mean being a soldier. There are also other positions that are needed for the military force such as nursing corps and medical corps. However, those who wish to become soldiers should first undergo PMA training, the requirements for which consist of the following:

A. Natural born Filipino citizen
B. Of good moral character
C. Single and never been married
D. 5 feet 2 inches tall if male; 5 feet if female
E. At least 17 but not a day older than 22 years old on 01 April of the year following the date of examination taken
F. At least High School graduate with a general average of 85% or higher (for 4th year High School students, their 3rd year High School general average must be at least 85%)
G. Never been sired (for male) nor given birth (for female) to a child
H. Physically fit for PMA Cadet training