Heating, Furnace & A/C

While air conditioning is big in a tropical country like the Philippines, the heating and furnace industry is limited only for industrial uses. Big plants, factories, and other establishments may use industrial heating systems and industrial furnaces to make their jobs easier.

Thus, this may loosely be related to other industrial businesses like the metal, glass, and chemical industries, all of which consist of individuals who have technical jobs.

However, as with any other industry today, the heat, furnace and A/C industry cannot function without the help from other industries. But that's not to say that all job opportunities in this industry are purely technical. Companies and corporations that have this type of industry mostly deal with large-scale products and services. And just like other companies, they also deal with the manufacturing, sales, and marketing of their products. This means also that they have desk jobs as well, but even these may still require at least a little technical knowledge about their industry.

While the heating, furnace and a/c industry in the country is relatively small, it doesn't necessarily follow that it has no significance to the other bigger industries. Every industry works to be better and to be more successful, which in turn will reflect on the overall success of the economy of the country.