Job & Career Service

At present, recruitment agencies in the Philippines are rampant. They serve as middlemen to connect applicants and employers, both foreign and local ones. In other words, they are in charge of recruiting and evaluating job seekers for their clients. They are guys companies, who wish to outsource, contact. They are the ones who recruit, process and deploy applicants for certain organizations and companies.

Although agencies like these provide jobs for many individuals, the people involved in the Jobs and Career Service industry are also professionals who possess certain skills. In fact, having a profession within this field is quite difficult. They do not only provide manpower for certain industries but handle businesses with diverse fields. Members of manpower or recruitment agencies need to have a number of skills and requirements.

The recruitment process involved in this industry is quite tedious. However, the skills required of professionals in this field are not as specialized. Hopefuls need to possess excellent communication skills, as well as have basic computer skills. The scope of work done here is similar to the duties done by recruitment staff members in Human Resources department. The only difference here is that they process everything, including working visas and traveling needs for those applying abroad.

Because professionals in this area serve as a medium in connecting applicants and employers, anyone can become a part of this industry. However, they need to be detail-oriented, hard working, organized and well-rounded. They will need to communicate with different people in their line of work. Hence, people skills are greatly needed.