Law is essential in every country and there are men and women chosen to represent it. It cannot be ignored that every day, many are being oppressed. That is why taking up a career in the Legal industry is one of the most challenging yet. They are in charge of correcting injustices in the country in the name of law. In spite of human emotions and judgments, they are required to stay objective, only putting into heart and mind the rules and regulations stated in the constitution.

To be more specific, being inside the world of Law is to analyze individualized or even complex issues by applying the perspective of law. Because it is such a tedious task, entering the field of law states that one should have the proper training. Thanks to the rise in the quality of education, law schools in the Philippines have produced capable lawyers, as well as other men and women of justice.

Of course, aside from academic training, these aspiring men and women in the Legal area are to undergo series of trainings for them to apply what they have learned and at the same time, gain experience. Law actually involved diverse cases. It does not only lie in only one issue like Human Rights or National predicaments. Law has numerous branches like Criminal Law, Construction law, Family law, Environmental Law and so on.

To give you a head start, here are some of the opportunities that you can enter if you pursue a profession with the law:


Legal Assistant (Paralegal)

Legal Secretary

Legal Writer


Corporate Counsel

Government Counsel