Manufacturing & Operations

Have you ever wondered who makes all those products you see in stores? Have you ever wondered how they create these wonderful items? That is where the industry of Manufacturing and Operations comes into place. Basically, manufacturing is the process of building commodities with the use of machinery and even manual labor.

The Manufacturing and Operations Industry can be very diverse. The usual commodities involved here are automobiles, appliances, household items, clothing and many others. It does not only entail the construction of electronic or industrial equipment but also handmade items such as handicrafts.

Being in this field of work requires individuals to have extensive knowledge about certain technologies and machineries. In addition to this, the skills they need to possess differ with the products they are to help build. For example, automobiles and electronics need people with technical skills. Another would be: manufacturers of apparel and footwear need to learn the basics of dressmaking. Also, the production of medicine is also a part of the Manufacturing and Operations Industry.

The work of manufacturers is definitely difficult in the sense that, even with the presence of machineries, they still need to engage their selves in manual labor. One reason is because they would have to create a mass production of certain commodities. The finished products are either shipped locally to parts of the country or are exported in other parts of the world.

If you are interested in entering a job in the Manufacturing & Operations sector, here are some of the jobs that you can engage yourself in:




Dressmakers / Tailors

Product Designer

Production Supervisor

Maintenance Staff / Manager

Plant Manager

Operator of Heavy Machineries