Marine Services & Manpower

Even in today's technologically advanced world, maritime transportation is still as important as ever. Because of this, careers in the Marine Services & Manpower are still as abundant as ever. Countries all over the world are still open to trading and commerce through ports. Also, these are important for the transport and delivery of commodities. Regardless of all the new means of transportation available to us today, water transportation is still very efficient.

In addition to this, some men and women inside the industry of Marine Services and Manpower handle the construction of ships and carriers. They are in charge of operating heavy machinery, lifting heavy equipment and even creating blueprints and plans. Of course, besides these, there are crewmen who are hired operate the ship. Although working in the environment of Marine Services can be a bit hands on, there are various perks to it. It may be time consuming but maritime servicemen who are assigned offshore are able to travel both to different ports in the Philippines and at the same time, in other countries.

However, if you wish to work in this industry without traveling, you can apply for shore based jobs. You will be charged with initiating deals and negotiations with potentials clients. In a way, you shall be considered as middlemen. Because there is a huge chance that you'll be working with different groups and organizations, having excellent communication and administrative skills is very important.

Some of the jobs you can enter in the Marine Services and Manpower industry are:

Naval Architect

Marine Surveyor

Ship Broker



Ship Captain

Ship Charterer