Medical & Dental

Do you hope to become a doctor in the future? Do you believe that you can contribute much in the field of medicine? If you are, then you must be an aspiring medical practitioner. Basically, this industry involves the process of healing or healthcare. Specifically, it involves the restoration of poor health and even the prevention of simple to grave illnesses. It is definitely an industry that will never die in the country.

Nowadays, medicine has become more advanced and more specialized. Instead of only involving health science, the industry actually requires the expertise of individuals who are knowledgeable about medical technology and medical research. These three combined are used to treat, diagnose and even prevent sicknesses from happening.

Medicine is too broad to be one industry. Under it are numerous fields to specialize in. One would be Dentistry, Pediatrics, Surgery (which can also be split into numerous types of surgery), Cardiology and many others. Academic and hands-on training, as well as a license, is needed in order to become a full-fledged doctor. Because it involves health, a very sensitive area of expertise, the requirements are very strict.

Nonetheless, hard work and dedication are all it takes to become an able doctor. One must take a pre-med course before actually venturing out to take a medicine course. The academic training may be tedious and long but it is necessary for all aspiring medical practitioners. Thankfully, the Philippines possesses numerous institutions that offer quality education for individuals who wish to enter the Medical & Dental field.

To be more specific, here are a list of jobs that one can enter inside the medicine industry:






Medical Representatives


Physical Therapists