Museums in the Philippines

Gain Relevance and Insight in the History and Culture of the Philippines Let’s face it, museums are not really that big here in the Philippines, people would rather go to the mall or even an amusement park just to have some fun because it’s hip and cool these days, we are living in a new generation where the television, computer, or the sights and sounds of past times are dictated by what’s “in” because of media and pop culture. Sometimes you should be able to get an alternative to all the fast and crazy things going on, get some culture and history for a change; you can try visiting a museum for a change.

At first it might sound boring or just plain mundane but if you really want to learn something along the way then this is a good way. You might think that museums have a generic flavor of dusty old places, some are like that but there’s a wide spectrum of museums that you can visit here in the Philippines. There are historical museums like the National Museum of the Philippines, Museum of the Philippines People,

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila. There are also art museums that have various collection of art from classical antiquity to coupons to cartoons to modern art; several art museums are the Cultural Center of the Philippines, The Ayala Museum of History and Iconographic Archive, Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Center, and even the Cap Art Center and President Osmeña Memorabilia.

There are also ineractive museums like Museo Pambata, Nayong Pilipino, and even the Aera Memorial Foundation which has indoor and outdoor locations. If you are looking into visiting one of these museums these days you should plot out a good travel route first before you go there and know the prices and admission rates. You can be sure that they are not really that expensive and have a good value after you visit, you get to know more about the Philippine history and culture, this time not by reading books or looking up information online but by staring it right in the face, through those exhibits and museum tours. So what do you expect to see and hear when you get into a museum? Here are several notalbe museums that you might want to consider visiting:

Metropolitan Museum of Manila This museum features various artworks from modern and contemporary visual arts. Get a taste of culture in taking a look at those art pieces and learn from several tours about the basics in appreciating art and a belief on having an excellence in the realm of arts in the Philippines.

Get immersed in the works of Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo on his Spanish Colonial arts then other exhibits like Classic Philippine pottery and goldwork. (Also see: International Wildlife Museum Coupons, North Alabama Railroad Museum Coupons) Museo Pambata I’m sure when you get to visit this place, certain memories may resurface, maybe almost every kid in the late 90’s have visited this museum one time or two. This is an interactive museum that features various interactive areas and play areas that explore history to science, This is perfect if you have a sibing or kids to bring along just to have a little fun.

(Also see: Japanese American Museum of San Jose Coupons, Travel Town Museum Coupons) Cultural Center of the Philippines When it comes to the preservation of Philippine culture and arts, this place is surely to be the “Mecca” for any kind of art that you can think of.

This place is the main venue for major musical events, dance, and various art exhibits from the late 60’s to until today. You’re sure to find exhibits like the Bulwagang Juan Luna, the Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo, and other mini museums that feature visual arts. (Also see: Logan County Museum Coupons, Chabot Space & Science Center Museum Coupons)