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Tips for a Safer Job Search at OJTCareers.com


The internet is a very big place. It's full of both good and bad information, and when it comes to job postings online, we at OJTCareers.com do everything we can to eliminate illegal or questionable job postings and provide you with only the legit ones. However, sometimes some of these questionable jobs or misleading job posts get posted at OJTCareers.com. If you notice an ad that has dubious information such as the following, don't hesitate to report it through our Contact Us page or a direct email at [email protected]


1.Postings that require processing fees, training fees, or recruitment fees before you are considered for the job.

2.Postings that promote an internship abroad without providing sufficient information or accreditation

3.Postings that may seem misleading (e.g. misleading company information, job title and description)

4.Postings that list down suspicious or vague credentials that may not related to the job title

5.Postings that advertise the company's services instead of a job opening


We assure you that we strongly discourage the posting of the aforementioned information and we are continually improving our security measures and taking appropriate actions whenever we deem it necessary. That being said, OJTCareers.com cannot and shall not be held liable for any violation that some employers may commit.


Also, while we are hands-on in monitoring the job posts that go up on our site, we have no control about what agreement may take place between applicant and employer upon the applicant's resume submission. OJTCareers.com is not a recruitment agency, nor does it attempt to function that way. We are simply an efficient resource for students to find their OJTs.


Lastly, we encourage all applicants to be mindful when browsing for jobs at OJTCareers. There are many great companies and positions posted on the site every day. To make sure that you get the training that you need for your field or industry, follow the proper job application process.


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