Theme Parks

Visiting Theme Parks in the Philippines - Not Just another Destination for Kids

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, one of the most destinations for vacationers, both local and foreign, are beaches. There are literally hundreds of beaches to visit in the Philippines. But if you don't consider yourself a beach bum, there are other alternative destinations to visit in the country namely, theme parks. There aren't that many theme parks in the Philippines compared to other countries. But the ones we have are worth visiting, and are sure to entertain the whole family.

When someone says theme park in the Philippines, the first thing that comes to mind is Enchanted Kingdom. While this is a pretty popular destination as well, it is not the only theme park you could visit in the country. Spreading through 41 acres of land are numerous attractions, rides, differently themed “zones”, a 4D Theater, food establishments, souvenir shops, and a lot more. But Enchanted Kingdom is known mostly for Wheel of Fate, its gigantic ferris wheel and Space Shuttle, the 11-storey-high roller coaster.

However, aside from this known theme park in the South, there are other destinations worth checking out and which are nearer in Manila.

Although Star City is smaller in size compared to Enchanted Kingdom, it doesn't mean that it pales in comparision. A favorite destination of a lot of people during Christmas season, Star City in Pasay features a lot of rides both for adults and kids, and also has its feature exhibits, Snow World and Dino Island. Previously a small carnival that's open only during Christmas season, it has already become a permanent establishment that's open all-year round due to its popularity among people.

Manila Ocean Park is a relatively new attraction in Manila. Probably the most standout features of this theme park are the names of the exhibits, which are in Tagalog. For example, Agos (Flow) is an exhibit of 8 tanks of different freshwater fishes, Kalaliman (The Deep) features animals that can only be found in the deepest parts of the Philippines, Buhay na Karagatan (Living Ocean) the main feature of the park, is a 220-degree tunnel with acrylic walls through which visitors could watch in amazement different marine animals swimming above and beside them.

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Ocean Adventure in Subic is also a great destination, but the difference of this particular theme park from Manila Ocean Park is that it's an open water marine park. You could get to see and play with dolphins in their natural habitat, see the wonderful coral reefs, have an encounter with whales, sea lions and other marine animals. Aside from the encounter with the animals, Ocean Adventure also hosts amazing shows that the entire family could enjoy. These theme parks are popular not only among kids, but also among teens, families, and just about anyone who would like to de-stress once in a while but not go far.

These destinations are family-oriented, fun, accessible, and most of all showcase what the Philippines can offer. So if you find yourself bored, and armed with only a little amount of money, spend it in one of these destinations to have a truly fun, interesting, and educational time with your friends and family. For Student Coupons and Group Discounts, please head over to Sea World Coupons