Philippine Zoos Are Still Fun and Educational!

What makes the benchmark of fun these days? Surely with the outset of constant commercialism and other technological breakthroughs these days even the Philippines has many ways to deliver fun to young teens and adults these days. There are 3D IMAX cinema theaters and state of the art arcades like Timezone in almost every major mall these days, computer shops with up to date computer games, and even your handheld mobile device has a collection of games that would keep you glued to the mini LCD screen for hours on end. One can say that these days, young people get to be disconnected with human interaction due to these technological marvels, it does not mean that it’s the only source of fun but it increasingly shifts our minds into something intangible.On the one hand, a lot of yourng people and adults can find source of fun like outdoor activities involving mountain climbing or hiking, another “almost forgotten” source of leisure would be visiting zoos. I’m sure there’s one time or several times in your life that you have visited a zoo, you’ve seen various flora and fauna and got some educational stuff about wild life as well.

The Philippines has a selection of zoos or zoological insitutes that features endemic and other exotic animals from different species and featured in specific habitats in their respective exhibits. Various animals like birds, reptiles, and mammals still occupy the zoos these days; why not take time to visit a zoo for a change? I’m sure it won’t be costly since an admission ticket could cost you around Php 80-Php 120 only. Try and invite your family or friends to drop by ones of the zoos in the Philippines.You can start at Manila which has a number of zoos that can surely spark your interest, just remember to plot out your route when going there.

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In the Metro Manila area the prominent zoos that you can visit are the Manila Zoo, Birds International, Avilon Zoo, and the Malabon Zoo. The Manila Zoo and Malabon Zoo is one of the 1st zoos in the country with more than 150 species of animals and notable exhibits like the Malayan tigers and Elephants, coupled with reptiles and exotic birds, this is surely the place to go when you want to relive memories of visiting a zoo when you were young.The Avilon Zoo and Birds International have a more modern approach since they have open areas where several animals are free to roam and interact with like peacocks and small fowls, and there are even guided tours that show endagered and vulnerable creatures like jaguars, tigers, eagles and monkeys. This can even spark a sense of responsibility and care for the environment and remind you how man must be mindful of the animals.

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There are plenty of other zoos in the Philippines you can visit and especially if you are well traveled like the Cebu City Zoo, Zoobic Safari, or even the Paradizoo in Cavite. So who says zoos are not fun anymore? You should give a second thought about it and try to get most out of the fun in seeing animals and learning about them!

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